Training on Protection of women against violence including domestic violence

Training on Protection of women against violence including domestic violence

On 29th – 30th January 2020 – EURoL 2 in cooperation with the Centre for training in Judiciary and State Prosecution (JTC) has organised the training on Istanbul Convention on  Protection of women against violence including domestic violence. The workshop was held in the premises of JTC for a group of 25 participants: judges, state prosecutors and advisors, and it covered the topics related to Istanbul Convention: Prevention, Awareness-raising, Education, training of professionals, Criminalization, Investigation, prosecution, procedural law and protective measures, Protection and support to victims of domestic violence, coordinated activities of judicial and connected authorities, International judicial and prosecutorial cooperation, including the International assistance through rogatory letters, Problems in practice in cases of domestic violence – Montenegrin experiences, but also cases of the European Court for Human Rights .

Speakers at the workshop were: as international expert, Ms. Laura Guercio, Secretary General, Inter-Ministerial Committee for Human Rights at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and as national experts: PhD. Vesna Ratković, Faculty of Law, Mediterranean University and Ms. Ljiljana Klikovac, State Prosecutor, Head of the Basic State Prosecution Office Podgorica.

Ms Ljiljana Laki, President of the SC of JTC,as well as Ms Maria Grazia Benedetti, Eurol 2 Deputy Team Leader, welcomed all the participants, underlining the importance of the trainings related to the International Judicial Cooperation and in particular active cooperation of Montenegrin institutions with the EU colleagues and EU institutions related to the protection of women against violence. Ms Lakić expressed her appreciation for  the support received till now by Eurol2 in running the Judicial Cooperation Program.

More information on the event can be found on the JTC website:

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