Support to the Justice authorities on rationalization

Support to the Justice authorities on rationalization

On 2nd to 4th March 2020 the EURoL 2 team has organised the first expert mission for Mr. Georg Stawa, Austrian expert with knowledge of the judicial reform in MNE and Western Balkans to support  the drafting of the  Analysis for rationalization of Judiciary network in Montenegro. The activity is undertaken on request of the Ministry of Justice of Montenegro . First visit of Mr. Stawa included the meetings with the most relevant institutions related to Judiciary as Ms. Marijana Laković Drašković, General Director in MoJ Directorate for Judicial Organization, Criminal Legislation and Supervision, Ms. Vesna Medenica, President of the Supreme Court, Mr Ivan Stankovic  , Acting Supreme State Prosecutor , Mrs Vesna Simovic-Zvicer Head of the Judicial Council and high representatives of these Montenegro Institutions.

Ms. Laković Drašković mentioned that in accordance with newly adopted Judicial Reform Strategy and the Action Plan, the MoJ is committed to develop an analysis on the rationalization of judiciary network by the end of 2020,  and activities related to the rationalization will be planned and inserted into new Action Plan covering period 2021 – 2022. The dynamic of the rationalization process will largely depend on the conclusions and recommendations of Mr. Stawa expertise.

All the interlocutors expressed support to the development of the analysis and stress the need to take into account different factors as economic and social environment  in  taking needed steps for rationalization and optimization of the judicial network.

More information on the event can be found on the Supreme Court website:  and Judicial Council

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