Support to the Judicial and Prosecutorial Council Secretariats

Support to the Judicial and Prosecutorial Council Secretariats

PODGORICA – 25th February -1st March 2019 – EURoL 2 in cooperation with the Judicial and Prosecutorial Council, organized a five-day expert mission aimed at providing support to the staff of the Secretariats of the two Councils.  This was first out of three fact-finding missions with main aim to review the current situation and define main areas for providing support to the Secretariats of the Judicial and Prosecutorial Councils in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their work which will contribute to the improvement of the overall efficiency of the councils. The support will be provided to the Secretariats with specific focus on daily activities, as the preparation and managements of meetings of the Councils and of their commissions and the follow up or the distribution of the decisions, but also the document management system.

Initial meetings were  held with representatives of the Judicial and Prosecutorial Councils who welcomed experts and stressed the importance of this expert mission, which is aimed at assessing the existing organization and functioning of the Secretariats, and hence the Council, bearing in mind that most of the activities are directed to assisting and supporting members of the Council and members of the working bodies.

The initial meetings were attended also by Ms. Maria Grazia Benedetti who briefly summarized the results in the current part of the EUROL2 project and presented the experts and this activity of the project and the dynamics of its implementation in upcoming period, with a special emphasis on the fact-finding mission which in addition to this visit will also foreseen two more visits of the Italian experts during the next three months. The final activity will be providing the internship to the Montenegrin colleagues in the Italian High Judicial Council.

During the five days, officials of all departments and services of the Judicial and Prosecutorial Council Secretariat had an opportunity to exchange opinions with respectful EU experts on issues related to the process of everyday work, the problems they face, suggestions for improving organization and methodology of work and carrying out work tasks.

Ms Alessandra Fraiegari, Head of the Department for international cooperation of the High Judicial Council, and Mr Patrizio Cannata, representative of the Ministry of Justice, two Italian experts engaged by EURoL 2, spoke with representatives of all departments in Secretariats of Montenegrin Judicial and Prosecutorial Councils and exchanged opinions about the organization and the best practices of the Italian institutions and will provide recommendations on the further steps to be undertaken before their next visit in March. Active support during the expert mission also was provided by the members of the EURoL 2 team Ms Ana Bukilic, legal expert and Ms Milica Vucinic, assistant/ interpreter.

More info about the activity can also be found on Judiciary Council website: and on the Prosecutorial Council website:

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