Study Visit to Italian Judiciary School

Rome and Florence- 29 May to 2 June– In order to further support enhancement of professional capacities of the Centre for training in Judiciary and State Prosecution (JTC), EURoL II organised study visit to Italian Judiciary School for members of the Managing Board of the JTC. The study visit took place from 29th May to 2nd June, when the study group visited Italian Cassation Court and Appellate Court of Rome and their departments for decentralised trainings but also Judiciary School in Florence. Participants had an opportunity to learn more about the organisation and functioning of the initial and continuous training for judges and prosecutors, from both levels – centralised, organized by the school and decentralised, organised by decentralised network for trainings within which every court has its own department.  The study visit was a great opportunity for members of the Managing board of the JTC to see how their peer institution plans the trainings for judges and prosecutors and how they organise application and selection of judges and prosecutors for concrete training, but also to discuss about the concrete modalities of cooperation of these two training institutions.

Representatives of the Montenegrin delegation were very grateful to the EURoL II team for the excellent organisation of the visit as well as to the representatives of the Judiciary School in Florence for all the information provided about the experiences and good practice in connection with trainings, the way of organisation and all other aspects of the work of the School. This will be of utmost importance for further development of JTC in order to improve its mechanisms of work, as well as to respond to the key problems and challenges. As a follow up result of the study visit, EURoL II will organise an event at which JTC will sign Memorandum of Understanding with Italian Judicial School, which will create basis for further cooperation of these two institutions

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