Internship for representatives of the Secretariats of Judicial and Prosecutorial  Councils in Italy

Internship for representatives of the Secretariats of Judicial and Prosecutorial Councils in Italy

On 24th-27th February 2020 EUROL 2, in cooperation with the High Judicial Council and  the Ministry of Justice  of Italy ,has organised  and delivered a four-day Internship (on the job training) for  8 representatives of the Secretariats of Judicial and Prosecutorial  Councils , including Mrs Vesna Acimic and Mrs Tatjana Topalovic, General Secretaries, as the final activity within the overall mission of support to the Secretariats initiated in 2019.

The Internship has been designed as a tool to enable members of the study group to meet their peer colleagues from the Italian High Judicial Council Secretariat and Ministry of Justice  and to exchange experiences and views in relation to the organization of  competences, including finance related ones,  and  the administrative tasks to perform for supporting  the work of the Commissions and the Plenary meetings of the the Council, with main aim to support the Montenegrin colleagues to learn about the best practices and examples of the organization of the daily work of the Secretariats and potentially  adopt some of the learned practices in their own work.

It was also provided the opportunity to discuss about the possibilities for future closer cooperation of these peer institutions. The Internship has comprised of three-days working meetings and presentations in the High Judicial Council; the last day the participants met representatives of the Italian Ministry of Justice whereby they had the opportunity to learn more about the relationship between the Ministry of Justice and the High Judicial Council, disciplinary proceedings and transparency in the work, and about budget and press/communication issues.

This Working visit aimed to contribute to further strengthening of capacities of the Secretariats of the Judicial and Prosecutorial Council and to provide them with similar experience that would support them in performing their tasks in accordance with their role.

The representatives of the Secretariats of Judicial and Prosecutorial Councils  that took part in the internship expressed, inter alia, appreciation for the presentation and lessons learned from the Italian colleagues with the hope that this cooperation will continue in the future. The participants from the two Councils complimented the EURoL2 team for the excellent organisation of the internship.

More information on the event can be found on the Judicial Council website:   and Prosecutorial  Councils website:

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