International Judicial Cooperation Training Programme 2018-2020 / Delivery of Certificates

International Judicial Cooperation Training Programme 2018-2020 / Delivery of Certificates

On 3rd September 2020 – EURoL 2, in cooperation with the Centre for training in Judiciary and State Prosecution (JTC), organised the delivery of certificates for judges, state prosecutors and judicial staff who attended the International Judicial Cooperation Training Programme  implemented in the period 2018-2020. The Training Programme  was developed  in close cooperation of the Ministry of Justice, JTC and the EUROL 2 project with aim to enhance the capacities of the Montenegrin judiciary in applying the acquis in the area of international judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters, with a close view on the EU instruments.

The activities , adopted in the respective Annual Training Plan of the Centre for Training of Judges and State Prosecutors and the Police Academy,  included training 2-days modules every otehr month,  related to the international judicial cooperation in criminal matters  (8 modules, unfortunately do to the COVID 19 the last module was cancelled)  and international judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters (4 modules ). This training programme was intended to be a programme of innovation and update of knowledge, use of international instruments and strengthening abilities in the implementation of current forms of providing mutual legal assistance as well as the adoption of new knowledge on the mechanisms of judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters in the EU. The final objective of this process was the preparation of the Montenegrin judicial institutions for effective cooperation in the context of the area of justice, freedom and security.

Ms Ljiljana Lakic, President of the SC of JTC, as well as Mr Fabrizio Fantini , Eurol 2 Team Leader, welcomed all the participants, expressing appreciation for all the job done in the three year period and  underlining the importance of the trainings related to the International Judicial Cooperation and in particular active cooperation of Montenegrin institutions with the EU colleagues and EU institutions. Ms Lakić expressed her appreciation for  the support received by the Eurol2 in running the Judicial Cooperation Program in the three year period. She also expressed appreciation for EUROL2 support in facilitating the signing of  Cooperation Agreement between JTC and Italian School for Judiciary, in September 2018. Mr Fantini, used the opportunity to thank judge Maria Grazia Benedetti and project team for developing the training plan and the successful implementation by bringing the best EU practices in Montenegro , strongly supporting Montenegro to comply with chapter 24 benchmark on judicial cooperation training program for judges.

During the event certificates were delivered to 22 judges, state prosecutors and court advisors that attended at least 5 modules of  international judicial cooperation in criminal matters and 10 certificates were delivered to participants attending the at least 3 modules of the international judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters.  At the event it was also presented the publication developed by EURol2 containing  full information on the process of developing the training programme and an overview of the implemented training modules , to promote the future sustainability.

More information on the event can be found on the JTC website:

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