EURoL II Mission to the Forensic Centre and Police Division for Special Investigative Measures (SIM)

Podgorica and Danilovgrad – EURoL II  organised two separate, but yet connected expert missions with the overall aim to support the implementation of SIM as well as forensic evidence in organised crime and corruption cases. Namely, the work of the Forensic Centre and SIM Division is crucial for providing admissible evidence to prosecute organised crime and corruption, including through DNA analysis, balistics, dactiloscopy, etc. Improving the quality of evidence will directly lead to enhancing investigations and will help consolidate the track record of organised crime and corruption investigations, prosecutions and convictions, which is one of the critical EU benchmarks under Chapter 24.

Both missions were held from 9 – 12 July and conducted by Mr Giacomo Rogliero, Principal Technical Director of the Central Counter-Crime Directorate (Forensic Italian Service of the Italian State Police – Polizia Scientifica).

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