Anti-Money Laundering  workshop for police and judiciary

Anti-Money Laundering workshop for police and judiciary

PODGORICA, 7th  September 2020 – EURoL 2 in cooperation with the Police Directorate of Montenegro-Department for Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism – FIU Montenegro has organised the workshop on Anti-Money Laundering.

During this one day workshop,  after an introduction by Head Prevention ML/CTF Mr. Djurovic and EURoL 2 TL Mr. Fantini, two experts Prosecutor Mr Francesco Ciardi and Officer Mr Maurizio Varanese presented from remote the Report on the Assessment of the Current state of play of new FIU in Montenegro that lead to an exchange of best practices and ideas on how to improve the work of both police and judiciary at domestic and international level.  The AML workshop attended by 15 participants from Law Enforcement and Judicial Authority was the opportunity for sharing experience on complex cross- border enquiries related to money laundering which is a cross cutting issue connected to most to most serious criminal phenomena.

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