5th EURoL II Steering Committee meeting held in Podgorica

5th EURoL II Steering Committee meeting held in Podgorica

PODGORICA, 4th December 2019 – The Fifth Steering Committee Meeting of the EU Support to the Rule of Law II project was held at the EU Delegation to Montenegro. The fifth Project Steering Committee (PSC) meeting involved the presence of the European Union Delegation, representatives of the Montenegrin government beneficiaries and of the Austrian Ministry of Interior, partner of the Project.

The main project activities covering both components – police and justice– during the last reporting period were presented to the PSC members, as well as the ongoing and the planned activities. Also, special focus was on the presentation of the procurement in the total value of 500.000 euro of EU funds that are dedicated to the Ministry of Justice/ Judiciary Institutions and Ministry of Interior /Law Enforcement.

The Team Leader Mr Fabrizio Fantini (Police component) and the Deputy Team Leader Ms Maria Grazia Benedetti (Justice component) focused their presentation on important documents such as the Interim Report covering the period from March 2019 to August 2019 and the new Work Plan covering the period from September 2019 to February 2020 with activities foreseen for implementation in the above mentioned period.

The beneficiaries provided a positive feedback on the  developed activities and a  participative approach in the development of the updated Workplan, which was assessed as a very good one, taking into consideration at once requests and needs of beneficiaries and scope of EURoL 2 project

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