The second seminar from the training programme in international judicial cooperation held in Podgorica

PODGORICA – 25-29 June 2018 –EUROL II in cooperation with the Center for Training in Judiciary and State Prosecution, Ministry of Justice and Police Academy, organised the seminar on the topic of smuggling of cultural goods. Two workshops were held: the first one from 26-27 June in the for 22 participants, judges, state prosecutors and advisors, and the second one on 28-29 June in the Police Academy also for 22 participants – police officers, police cadets and advisors from High State Prosecution. The seminar covered the topic of the trafficking of cultural properties and the legal mechanisms for responding to the illicit movement of cultural goods. Discussions were held on International norms for cultural heritage protection, bilateral and multilateral cooperation, UNESCO recommendations and UN resolutions as well as other general and specific instruments provided by the international law.

The seminar on smuggling of cultural goods is the second of four planned seminars for 2018 from the training programme in the area of international judicial cooperation which will contribute to the improvement of knowledge of judges, prosecutors and police officers in the implementation of EU instruments in the area of international judicial cooperation, which will be an obligation for Montenegro upon the accession into EU.

Mr. Ferri and Mr. Gullota were the EURoL II experts leading the seminar, while the Montenegrin Judge, Ms. Kovacevic explained national legislative framework, practical cases and problems. In addition, practices of international assistance and case studies have been presented and discussed with participants.

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