Team Leader participates in the Pericles event held in Podgorica from 22 to 24 November

PODGORICA, 22-24 November 2017 –Team Leader, Mr. Antonio Molinaro, participated in the Pericles 2020 Program Event, namely an international conference titled “Community Strategy to Protect the Euro in the Mediterranean Area (Action Plan on Exchange Assistance and Training for the Protection of the Euro against Counterfeiting)”, held in Podgorica from 22 until 24 November.

The Pericles program is being implemented between Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Turkey. The main topics of the conference related to the latest European Commission measures aimed at protecting the Euro against counterfeiting, the role of central banks and other institutions in this process, the methods of collecting and analysing statistical data, as well as the mechanisms that are available to the countries of the Mediterranean in this ongoing battle.

Mr. Molinaro was invited to present the EURoL II activities implemented in Montenegro, especially as regards the Component 2, notably – enhanced institutional capacities and effective enforcement of legislation concerning the fight against organised crime and corruption.

The seminar was closed with one of the key conclusions: in order to enhance an effective method for tackling currency counterfeiting, a key role should be played by the comparison of the different national anticounterfeiting legislation; thus, exchange of best practices at international level is essential.


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