Support to the Judicial and Prosecutorial Council Secretariats 2nd Mission

Support to the Judicial and Prosecutorial Council Secretariats 2nd Mission

PODGORICA – 25th to 29th March 2019 – as a continuation of the previous mission completed at the end of February 2019, EURoL 2, in cooperation with the Judicial and Prosecutorial Council, organized second five-day expert mission focused on deeper insight in everyday work of Secretariats of both Councils, with main aim to  support improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their work which will contribute to the improvement of the overall efficiency of the councils. The support will be provided to the Secretariats with specific focus on daily activities, mainly related to the preparation and managements of meetings of the Councils and of their commissions and the follow up or the distribution of the decisions, but also the document management system.

The meetings were  held with employees of Directorates for normative issues, Directorates for General Affairs and Directorates for IT of both Secretariats in order to obtain more information on the daily work of the staff, with particular focus on the activities related to the preparation of the meetings of the Council., keeping records on employees of the Secretariats, document flow, and other administrative processes and procedures conducted in both Secretariats.

During the five days officials of mentioned departments of the Judicial and Prosecutorial Council Secretariat had an opportunity to exchange opinions with Ms. Alessandra Fraiegari, Head of the Department for international cooperation of the High Judicial Council, and Mr. Patrizio Cannata, civil servant in the Ministry of Justice, two Italian experts engaged by EURoL 2, on issues related to the process of everyday work, the problems they face, suggestions for improving organization and methodology of work and carrying out work tasks.

As a part of the mission, Mr. Cannata presented the electronic register of the Italian Ministry of Justice, to the representatives of both Secretariats, and in more details explained the specifications and benefits of the digital signature used in Italian administration processes. Experts also visited data center of the Judicial Council to see its functionalities and protection issues.

The next visit of expert will be in May 2019, when it is planned to exchange best practices for employees in both Secretariats. If necessary, during the second half of the year the same experts will prepare and deliver training sessions for employees in secretariats of both councils based on the recognized training needs. The final activity will be providing the so-called internship to the selected Montenegrin colleagues in the Italian High Judicial Council/ Ministry of Justice.

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