Study Visit to Italian High Judicial Council and Court of Cassation

Rome – 5 to 8 June– In order to facilitate a peer-to-peer exchange of information and experiences in the work of the Judicial Councils and organisation of judiciary and support the implementation of measures from Action Plans for Chapters 23 & 24 and the Strategy for Reform of Judiciary, EURoL II organised a study visit to the Italian High Judicial Council and Court of Cassation, for the representatives of the Montenegrin Judicial and Prosecutorial Council, Supreme Court of Montenegro and Ministry of Justice.

Thus, the participants were the President of the Supreme Court, Ms. Vesna Medenica, President of the Judicial Council of Montenegro, Dr Mladen Vukčević, , Director of the Directorate for Justice in the Ministry of Justice of Montenegro, Ms. Marijana Laković Drasković, Member of the Prosecutorial Council and Senior Prosecutor in Podgorica, Ms. Ljubinka Bašović, Member of the Prosecutorial Council and Senior Prosecutor in Bijelo Polje, Mr. Hasan Lukač, Secretary of the Council Secretariat, Ms. Vesna Aćimic, Head of the Cabinet of the President of the Supreme Court, Ms. Mirjana Bobicic and Public Relations and International Cooperation Advisor at the Judicial Council Secretariat, Ms. Radmila Djurisic. Group was accompanied by two representatives of the EURoL II Project, Judge Maria Grazia Benedetti, Deputy Team Leader and Ms. Milica Vucinic, Project Assistant. The study visit took place from 5 to 9 June, whereby members of the study group had opportunity to meet Mr. Giovanni Legnini, Vice president of the High Judicial Council and his associates, but also other colleagues from High Judicial Council and judges and prosecutors of the Cassation Court of Italy, and to get informed about the Italian judicial system, the organisation of judicial and prosecutorial instances and the organisation and method of work of the Supreme Judicial Council of the Republic of Italy – Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura – CSM and their judicial institutions. During the stay, visits were also organised to the Court of Justice, the Court of Cassation of Italy, as well as the State Prosecutor’s Office within this Court, whereby the study group met Mr. Giovanni Mammone, President of the Court of Cassation and Mr. Ricardo Fuzio, State Prosecutor at the Court of Cassation.

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