Presentation of Assessment of Judicial Infrastructure

Presentation of Assessment of Judicial Infrastructure

PODGORICA – 9 April 2019 – EU Support to the Rule of Law II (EUROL 2) together with UNICEF Country office in Montenegro supported the Ministry of Justice in the organization of the presentation of two respective analyses – EUROL2 Overall Assessment of Judicial Infrastructure in Montenegro and UNICEF Study on Modalities for establishment of child friendly spaces in Montenegro’s Judiciary. The event gathered 60 participants, including presidents of courts in Montenegro, heads of state prosecution offices in Montenegro, representatives of Judicial and Prosecutorial Councils, representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Ombudsman Office, Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro, UN agencies in Montenegro and other relevant international and national stakeholders.

Report on the Overall Judicial Infrastructure Assessment was developed within EUROL 2 project, funded by the EU, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Court of Montenegro, the Supreme State Prosecution Office and the Judicial and Prosecutorial Councils. The report presents a compilation of data on the existing judicial infrastructure collected through in situ visits of 50 judicial authorities of Montenegro and 30 locations. The Report also contains recommendations for future improvements of the infrastructures.

The UNICEF Country office in Montenegro report Study on Modalities for establishment of child friendly spaces in Montenegro’s Judiciary, highlights opportunities for creating “child friendly space” in Montenegro`s judiciary, in line with respective international and regional standards.

At the opening of the presentation, Programme Manager for Judiciary and Home Affairs at the EU Delegation of Montenegro, Ms Marzia Palotta, President of the Supreme Court of Montenegro Ms. Vesna Medenica, Supreme State Prosecutor of Montenegro and President of Prosecutorial Council Mr. Ivica Stanković, President of Judicial Council Mr Mladen Vukčević,

UN Resident coordinator in Montenegro Ms. Fiona McCluney, Director General, Directorate for organization of judiciary, Criminal Legislation and Supervision, Ministry of Justice Ms. Marijana Laković-Draškovic were present, as well as the new Team Leader of the EURoL 2, Mr Fabrizio Fantini.

Ms Marzia Palotta from the EU Delegation to Montenegro stated “The Overall Judicial Infrastructure Analysis presented today provides a much-needed assessment of the state of play in judicial infrastructure, with mid-term and long-term suggestions/recommendations for renovation, reconstruction and possibly relocation. We expect that this Analysis will support the decision-makers in Montenegro to define priorities for standardisation of courts and prosecutors’ offices in Montenegro in accordance with EU standards.”

“Enhancing the rule of law and the efficiency of the judiciary remains a key element of the judiciary work in further implementation of reforms. As we know, the implementation of  complex judicial reform requires more time for the results, especially when it comes to infrastructure”, as stated in the introductory remarks by Ms. Vesna Medenica, president of the Supreme Court of Montenegro.

In his opening remarks Mr. Ivica Stanković, the Supreme State Prosecutor of Montenegro and president of the Prosecutorial Council underlined that “both reports presented here today provide the basis for further harmonization of the justice system with the EU standards and these documents represent a road-map in order to achieve the standards in this important segment “ and expressed gratitude to the donors, particularly the EU Delegation.

“I use the opportunity to thank EURoL 2 and UNICEF for the two reports presented today, as the first step in what is ahead of us in creating better working conditions and an advanced information system. Harmonization is necessary in accordance with EU laws and requirements “ as  mentioned in the opening remarks by  Mr Mladen Vukčević, President of Judicial Council.

The moderator and representative of the Ministry of Justice Ms. Marijana Laković-Draškovic, Director General, Directorate for Organization of Judiciary, Criminal Legislation and Supervision, in her opening remarks underlined that the two reports will be used in the development of strategic documents of Montenegro for the reform of judiciary and one more time praised the excellent support provided by the EURoL 2 team.

The new Team Leader Mr Fabrizio Fantini during the presentation stated that “ the report which you received in a form of publication is a result of a very comprehensive and detailed work of our experts, Mr. Željko Tmušić, Mr. Zoran Abadic and their team, who visited 50 judicial authorities in 30 location, with the support of Mr Darko Draskovic from Judicial Council.

The main aim of this infrastructure assessment was to produce, based on observed conditions of the facilities where judicial authorities function today,  a technical platform of knowledge to the Montenegrin institutions and to national and international organizations involved in the process of reform of judiciary. EURoL 2 will remain dedicated to successfully cooperating and supporting the Rule of Law process to access EU for Montenegro.” Mr Fantini thanked the experts for their very good work, as well as the EURoL 2 DTL Maria Grazia Benedetti.

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