First on-job training module on financial investigation and asset recovery for Montenegrin law enforcement institutions

First on-job training module on financial investigation and asset recovery for Montenegrin law enforcement institutions

DANILOVGRAD – 28 January- 1 February 2019 – EURoL II, EU’s project supporting rule of law in Montenegro, in cooperation with the Police Academy and the Judiciary Training Centre, started a five-day on-job training seminar on financial investigation and asset recovery which is attended by 20 participants from different institutions, including the State Prosecution, the Courts, the Police, Tax Administration, Customs and State Property Management Administration.

This is the first out of two additional training modules that will take place in the next two months and will result in an advanced training seminar in Italy in July this year.

The training programme is part of the EU Support to Rule of Law II Project (EURoL II), which is funded by the EU with 2.8 million euros. It has been developed by experts of Guardia di Finanza from Italy in cooperation with partner institutions of Montenegro and will strengthen capacities and tools for effective investigation and prosecution of money laundering, terrorism financing and asset recovery, based on experiences and knowhow of Guardia di Finanza and in line with priorities of Montenegrin institutions. Moreover, at the end of this inter- institutional training programme, a manual for financial investigation will be developed and used beyond the project lifetime.

At the opening of the seminar, Programme Manager for Judiciary and Home Affairs at the EU Delegation of Montenegro, Ms Marzia Palotta, , Italian Ambassador in Montenegro, H.E. Mr Luca Zelioli, Team Leader of EURoL II, Mr Antonio Molinaro, Director of the Police Academy, Mr Boban Saranovic and President of the Steering Committee of the Judicial Training Centre, Ms Senka Danilovic were present, as well as Head of the INTERPOL Office in the Police Directorate, Mr Dejan Djurovic.

Ms Marzia Palotta from the EU Delegation to Montenegro stated “The latest progress report for Montenegro -April 2018- stressed indeed that Montenegro improved the level of preparation in the fight against corruption in particular as regards institutional capacity, but despite some progress, a more proactive attitude is still needed. Financial investigations, seizure and confiscation of assets remain to be improved, as well as the skills concerning forensic accounting and audit, banking, procurement, engineering, as well as use of various databases and modern information technologies. This is why it is important for all of us, as main stakeholders of the action, to take stock of the progress in achieving the action’s objective, notably contributing to democracy and the rule of law through fight against economic crimes in Montenegro and increase the recovery of asset linked to all the investigations”.

I am glad to see the cooperation between the Montenegrin and Italian institutions and I use the opportunity to underline the support provided by the Guardia di Finanza on this important topic in the framework of cooperation with the EURoL 2 Project and the EU Delegation” as stated in the introductory remarks by H.E. Luca Zelioli, Italian Ambassador to Montenegro, present at the opening.

Mr Antonio Molinaro, Team Leader of EUROL 2, stated ‘’This training curricula will be of support to Montenegrin institutions also in addressing the requirements of the EU benchmark related to Financial investigations. The training programme on financial Investigation and asset recovery for 2019 has been integrated in the annual training programmes of the Judicial Training Centre and the Police Academy.

Ms Senka Danilovic, President of the Steering Committee of the Centre for Training in Judiciary and State Prosecution in her welcome address underlined the importance of the inter-agency cooperation and expressed special appreciation for the opportunity that the participants have in receiving the training by the Economic and Financial Police School (EFPS) of the Financial Police of Italy (Guardia di Finanza).

In his introductory remarks, Mr Boban Saranovic, Director of the Police Academy, welcomed the participants to the Police Academy “wished a productive work to the representatives of the judiciary, police and other Montenegrin institution in enhancing their fight against organised crime and in particular financial investigations.

Mr Dejan Djurovic, Head of the International Police Cooperation Division in the Police Directorate of Montenegro stressed the importance of the training programme, stating that it is complementary to other ongoing activities that the country is undertaking, especially concerning the establishment of the Asset Recovery Office (ARO).

Mr Alberto Ernesto Perduca, Chief Prosecutor at Public Prosecution Office of Asti (IT), Lt. Col. Giuseppe Furciniti (Guardia di Finanza) Commander of Special Investigative Team on Organized Crime of Guardia di Finanza from Napoli (IT), Lieutenant C.S. Mario DI MARCO, Special Investigative Team on Organized Crime of Guardia di Finanza from Napoli (IT) and Ms Lidija Vukcevic, Deputy Special Prosecutor three Italian and one Montenegrin Experts engaged by EURoL II deliver their presentations during this week on effective investigations on money laundry , cyber-crime and terrorism financing. The next training session is planned for the period 25 February – 1March.

More info about this seminar can also be found on JCT website:

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