Advanced Training Course on Financial Investigation and Asset Recovery

Advanced Training Course on Financial Investigation and Asset Recovery

ROME – 15th  – 26th July – With presence of the Police Officer Team Leader Fabrizio Fantini of EURoL II, EU’s project supporting Rule of Law in Montenegro, in cooperation with the Economic and Financial Police School of Guardia di Finanza (GdF) has organized the Advanced Training Course on Financial Investigation and Asset Recovery. The training course was attended by 14 members of MNE law enforcement agencies, courts and state prosecution offices, as follows:

  • 2 judges (Judge of the Appellate Court of Montenegro and President of the Basic Court in Podgorica);
  • 3 state prosecutors (Special prosecutor from the Special Prosecution of Montenegro; and 2 Prosecutors from the Basic Prosecution office in Podgorica);
  • 4 Police officers from units dealing with organized crime and corruption;
  • 2 Customs investigators;
  • 2 Tax inspectors;
  • 1 Asset management officer from the State Property Management Administration.

The training was held at the premises of the Economic and Financial Police School of Guardia di Finanza (GdF) in Lido di Ostia (Rome), and was delivered by a pool of 15 trainers of GdF. The above-mentioned activity was also an opportunity to exchange best practices and experience on the most relevant operative case undertaken in Italy, especially on a modern methodology to investigate wider criminal networks and to counter money laundering,  where thanks to the integrated police services has been possible to solve successfully very complex criminal and financial investigations. From this prospective an Inter Agency Cooperation is crucial in order to face the above mentioned criminal phenomena.

The training course lasted 2 weeks and included a set of presentations, workshops and real case demonstrations dedicated to operational strategies in dealing with organized crime and corruption, including through financial investigation and recovery of the proceeds of crime; as well as to information gathering and investigation analysis; data basis and operational IT, computer forensics analysis as well as to economic and financial cyber-crime. Specific attention was also placed on virtual currencies which are becoming more important from the aspect of financial investigation activities, especially to Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, such as Dash and Monero, as well as to Dark Web and Deep Web activities which are also being increasingly used by organized criminal groups.

At the end of the Training Course, comprehensive evaluation process was carried out by GdF and EURoL II. The evaluation outputs will be disseminated to judicial and law enforcement institutions from Montenegro, as well as to Judicial Training Centre and Police Academy of Montenegro and will guide further training efforts of EURoL II in this field.

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