2nd Expert Mission on Organised Crime and 1st Expert Mission on the analysis of the prosecution capacities for fighting organised crime and corruption take place in the same week

Podgorica, 11-15 June:  EURoL II Organised 2nd Expert Mission on Organised Crime (OC) from 11 to 15 June, in collaboration with members of the Austrian colleagues from the Criminal intelligence Service, on the initiation and management of major crime investigations. The mission was aimed at presenting best Austrian practices in approaching complex organised crime and corruption cases, primarily through the establishment of special Task Forces.

The participants of the Mission from the side of the Montenegrin Criminal Police were members of several divisions, including Division for the Suppression of General Crime, Division for Combating Organised Crime and Corruption, Special Police Unit, International Police Cooperation Division, etc.

The mission was conducted by the three experts of the Criminal Intelligence Service of Austria (Federal Organized Crime Department), with extensive experience and background in investigating serious and organized crime cases:

  • Andreas Holzer
  • Markus Trattnig
  • Christian Honsa

The purpose of the 2nd Expert Mission was to organize “on-job” expert mission, to allow for practical assistance and share of information regarding major crime investigations. Through this specific “peer-to-peer exchange” mission, experts will deliver targeted presentations on major crime investigations in Austria (some of which may involve Montenegrin nationals as well) and will share with Montenegrin colleagues their experiences, best practices and lessons learnt in investigating organized crime and corruption. The main beneficiary of the mission was the Criminal Police of the Police Directorate of Montenegro.

The Programme focused on the following practical aspects:

  • Transmission of experience and best practices on the opportunities and benefits of analytical work in dealing with complex crime cases
  • Providing support to police / prosecution teams through training in specific investigations
  • Provide support to organizational units dealing with OC investigations and corruption in:
  • Collecting and analysing intelligence
  • Intelligence led policing
  • Analysis of Rates and Trends in Crime Growth
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Introduction of the Austrian way of analysis based on best practice cases
  • Presenting practical examples of JIT formation
  • Support in conducting financial investigations
  • Introduction of the Austrian way of cooperation between analytical units in the police, prosecutors and judges.

In the same week, from 11 – 15 June 2018 in Podgorica, EURoL II organised 1st Expert Mission on the analysis of the prosecution capacities for fighting organised crime and corruption, focusing on the Special Prosecution Office in Montenegro. The mission was led by anti-mafia public prosecutors from Italy:

Experts of the High Judicial Council of Italy:

  • Pasquale Profiti, Public Prosecutor – Public Prosecutor’s Office, Trento
  • Cristiana Macchiusi, Public Prosecutor – Public Prosecutor’s Office, Rome


Experts of the Criminal Intelligence Service of Austria:

  • Mr Andreas Holzer, Head of Department, Investigations, Organised Crime and Common Crime
  • Mr Markus Trattnig, Head of Organised Crime Unit Balkan
  • Christian Honsa, Investigator of Organised Crime Unit Balkan


Expert of the Criminal Police Directorate of Italy:

  • Mr Germano Pecoraro, Deputy Director of the International Operations Rooms

The purpose of the 1st Expert Mission was to provide mid-term expertise and support in conducting baseline analysis of the State Prosecution Capacities and Resources for fighting Organized Crime and Corruption, to support the implementation of Action Plans for Chapters 23 & 24. More specifically, Italian prosecutors are expected to conduct a Baseline analysis of the existing organizational, human and technical capacities of the Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office (SSPO) to fight organized crime and corruption.

Based on the analysis, needs-based Programme of Expert Support to the State Prosecution of Montenegro will be developed and delivered based on the experiences Italian anti-mafia prosecutors to strengthen Montenegrin efforts to fight organized crime and corruption in line with European standards and best practices.

The mission was organised in close coordination among EURoL II Components 1 and 2. The main beneficiary of the mission was SSPO, notably the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO), as well as the Criminal Police of Montenegro, especially units involved, directly or indirectly, in SPO-led investigations. Added value for the mission was also participation of the Austrian Police experts, as well as of the Italian Expert on INTERPOL data exchange, which contributed to the quality of discussions and presentations, while providing for the comparative practices to be presented and differences/similarities outlined and discussed with beneficiaries.

The Programme of the Mission was prepared in accordance with the inputs received from the beneficiaries and the experts, and it focused on the following practical aspects:

  • Organisational structure and available human resources of SSPO/SPO;
  • Legal competences and responsibilities of SSPO/SPO in investigating and prosecuting organized crime (OC) and corruption cases;
  • Coordination between judicial and police authorities;
  • Role of SSPO/SPO regarding Financial investigations and Asset Recovery;

Analysis of the number of OC and Corruption cases in Montenegro, including the statistics provided in Annual reports of SSPO/SPO or obtained during the fact-finding mission.

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